10 Reasons why Simple is Better

Simplicity isn’t about what you give up, or lose, it’s about what you gain, develop and nurture.  Living a more simple life is rewarding for so many reasons, Here are 10 I found were important,  Please feel free to add more.

I didn’t always focus on living a simple life, it was anything but.  I struggled, made lots of mistakes, put undo stress on myself.  I still have my challenges… am far from perfect.  But, more and more my life is becoming what it needs to be, what I hoped it would.  I know all too well the challenges that complexity, clutter,  and the focus on material or the unimportant brings.    I also know the difference and peace of mind simplicity brings.   Change is never easy but necessary to grow.   Perseverance and follow through matter.

So, here are some of the reasons I came up with for why I thought Simple is better besides seeing an increase of funds in the bank.  Maybe you can come up with others.  Maybe simple doesn’t work for you; we each have our own way of looking at things that make sense for us.  


  1. Easier to manage every day life, work, unexpected challenges, events and tasks.  When you remove the clutter, distractions, and complexities, things start becoming more clear, easier to understand and manage. Organization improves not only at home, but in the office, including my calendar, which becomes easier to maintain.  This improves quality of life and brings value.
  2. Joy and Happiness – There is more peace and joy in the simple things in life, in a smile, enjoying nature, taking a walk in the park, time with family, friends, volunteering for a worthy cause.  These are things we often take for granted. Taking time to reflect and find a true purpose, while saying no to the things that have little meaning helps with personal and business development.  And the money we save doesn’t hurt either. It’s like money earned
  3. Less stress, better nights sleep.  With less clutter and material things to worry about, including debt load life becomes easier and more manageable.   I discover more energy, feel more refreshed, and health improves.  Goals are more achievable. A great task is cleaning closets and giving the items to charity. Not only am  I helping myself with organization, saving time and money,  I am also contributing and helping someone in need
  4. Improved physical, mental health.By living a more simple life, there is less to worry about and remember, and more time for doing the things I love.  It also allows me time and energy to maintain a regular exercise schedule so I am more fit. With renewed energy, it is easier to be more productive, disciplined and true to myself,  Not to say things never get me down, but I am better able to bounce back from the challenges and setbacks. It’s easier to forgive those wrongdoings, including my own
  5. Increase in Quality time with friends, family –  taking time for solitude, exercise, walks, and travel. A hectic cluttered schedule can create chaos and challenges that make it difficult to enjoy time at home with family or visiting with friends. When I curb spending, I save money, which reduces worry about  any potential crisis, including job loss, and makes it easier to save money for travel or other important events or things.   By removing the clutter and debt, there is more time to relax, unwind, and do what I value most.  It’s the old adage, less is more – Work life balance improves
  6. Relationships improve, become more relaxed, open to both receiving and giving feedback and love. When confident, decisions are more grounded, and come from a point of peace, strength,  where there is  deeper meaning, purpose and less worry about rejection.  This allows for better informed business and personal decisions, stronger relationships and less costly mistakes.
  7. Increase in energy level, positive and peaceful thoughts, feelings of gratitude.  This is important to living a happy, productive and healthy life. With a clear mind, focused on the positive, it brings with it higher energy level where  goals are easier to reach.  There is a lot in life to be thankful for including the mistakes I have made, which are as important to learn from as my successes. It is better to admit to mistakes – even if they weren’t all my doing/fault – as it can help diffuse or prevent further problems, as well as help others admit theirs.  Everyone wants to be forgiven for their mistakes, including myself; no one is perfect. In this way I set myself up for greater success and can perhaps help others find theirs
  8. Increase in confidence, self esteem –With less clutter, worry, I not only feel good about  my achievements, I feel even better at having worked through failures. Confidence helps me venture into new challenges with courage, a good plan and enthusiasm, without worry or fear of failing or how other people perceive me. Failure is simply success turned inside out.  With confidence, I am able to accomplish more with less and be true to myself.  Let’s face it, people make mistakes every day; mistakes are not always easy to admit.  Life can be rough, however our greatest achievements and success can follow after our biggest mistakes, failures if we learn from them. The more confident we are the more gracious and forgiving we become.  The less we need to impress. This does not mean being a doormat. Having an honest caring partner helps.
  9. Less impacted and distracted by worries, rejection, or fear. The quality of life improves once worry subsides.  It’s easier to understand what is going on,  because the level of awareness increases. There is less need to look for acceptance; as it’s easier to identify and say no to things that aren’t right nor important and say yes to that which has value and meaning.  The people that will like you, will like you for being you, mistakes and all;  not someone they think you should be. That said, in simplicity we become kinder in our thoughts, communications and actions.  With empathy, rather than ego, we can convey honesty with kindness.  It not only reflects a simple life – it’s true freedom.  We can all learn from one another.
  10. Things I previously struggled with or found difficult seem easier.  All I have control over is my own actions and thoughts.  I cannot change anyone else.  I can only plant a seed.  This way I am able to manage my challenges, free up more time to tackle new tasks, follow up on old ones, make better decisions and finish what I start.  I am not perfect and never will be and that is quite alright. Imperfections keep me humble and forgiving. Decisions become easier, when life is simple.  There is a higher level of honesty and success – which is good for personal life and business


In this world we work hard and naturally we want something to reflect our efforts and achievements.  This helps make life more comfortable, fun and meaningful.  In society, there is often too much importance put on possessions, wealth, status, and power which often leads to debt thinking and sometimes greed.  And somewhere along the way we tend to forget about things that really matter such as nature, family, friends, kindness and forgiveness.  Not to say material things aren’t nice to have for achieving something worthwhile or recognizing contribution.  Business is important as it helps keep the world going, thriving – And just as it is important to take care of business, it is also very important to take care of ourselves, families, friends and colleagues and our environment.

And so…in closing, I feel it is important to be kind not only to one another; but to our environment.  Giving is also important, because through giving we all receive – and this is wonderful simplicity.  It makes life fun, sustainable and enjoyable.

So, what is important to you?

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    • Thank you for your comments. I like a simple layout, it’s easy to see, navigate around. I like Black and white it’s a clean look, but other colors can be equally nice also. If you are trying to convey a strong, bold message, you can use a strong warm color also. Let me know what you think. I like positive quotes.


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